Bitcoin, despite being declared dead four times in 2023, continues to rise in the cryptocurrencies world, showcasing its resilience and potential as a disruptive technology.

Bitcoin’s price volatility has led to mainstream media announcing its death over 400 times in 12 years, highlighting its potential for market crashes and price fluctuations.

Bitcoin’s resilience is evident in its adoption by companies like Hut 8, leading to its future success. It has surpassed Tesla and Berkshire Hathaway stocks to become one of the top 10 assets globally, despite skepticism.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, once skeptic about crypto’s potential to revolutionize finance, but now supports ETFs as alternative investment vehicles. Despite criticisms of Bitcoin’s price volatility, creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s mystery, and decentralised structure, it continues to grow and gain acceptance, demonstrating its potential as a disruptive technology.

Bitcoin’s trading price has risen by 0.1% in the past 24 hours, indicating a stable trading period. The global market cap is $1.7 trillion, with Bitcoin’s market capitalization at $843,286,220,126. The bullish sentiment in Bitcoin stems from optimism about the Fed’s end of its tightening cycle with interest rates.