Google is testing a new ad format called “You May Also Like” in its Search Generative Experience (SGE), presenting sponsored content in a carousel format.

New google search structured data for educational videos introduced: Google introduces structured data markup for educational videos, improving search visibility and user relevance. Publishers must implement and ensure public accessibility for proper implementation.

Google ads documentation for “safety crawler”:  Google has added a mystery crawler, “Google-Safety,” specifically for malware identification, ignoring robots.txt directives and focusing on abuse-specific crawling for publicly posted links on Google properties.

Google to update search handling of third-party hosted content: Google Search Liaison announces changes to handle third-party hosted content, aiming to improve website helpfulness over time.

Yahoo searches resurges, launching in early 2024: Yahoo plans to launch a revamped search experience in early 2024, incorporating advanced AI features and basic features, potentially challenging Google’s dominance.