Mohammad Ahmad, a 17-year-old New Jersey student, was scammed into signing up for Smile Direct Club after the company declared bankruptcy, claiming he was scammed.

Smile Direct Club, a Tennessee-based business, faced legal battles with traditional dentists and orthodontists, accusing it of providing inadequate care and misleading customers. The company threatened legal action against reporters and academics, forcing unhappy customers to sign non-disclosure agreements. A government lawsuit forced the practice to end this year.

Smile Direct Club, a US-based dental care company, filed for bankruptcy after falling behind due to economic factors like the pandemic and rising prices. The company blamed rising costs and a $63m court award for a contract dispute with Align Technology. Analyst Brandon Couillard attributed the company’s decline to declining consumer interest in the brand.

Smile Direct Club, a provider of remote orthodontic care, has faced legal action from investors for omitting critical information during its 2019 share sale. The company’s downfall is a reminder of the limitations of the market for remote health care, which has fallen in popularity since the pandemic.