South Korea’s population is predicted to decline by over 40% in 50 years, with half of its population over 65. The worst-case scenario predicts a 30.1 million population by 2072, influenced by declining fertility rates and a central scenario of 51.3 million in 2030.

South Korea’s fertility rate is expected to reach 1.08 in 2072, despite an optimistic outlook. The country’s population is expected to rise significantly, with the elderly population expected to reach 47.7% by 2072, outnumbering the productive population. The median age is expected to rise from 44.9 to 63.4 years.

Korea’s population is expected to decline to 45.8% by 2072 due to a rising low birth rate and aging population. The government plans to release a revised plan to tackle the issue, focusing on measures to ease child care burdens.