This article discusses the Seven Deadly Affiliate Manager Sins, including Lust, Envy, and Pride, which can hinder the success of affiliate marketing programs and encourages awareness to avoid them.

1. Lust: Chasing un-qualified Affiliate Partners

Lust in affiliate marketing can lead to misguided decisions and wasted time. To avoid this, affiliate managers should approach potential partners rationally, considering their unique needs and evaluating their performance and relevance to their goals and customer niches.

2. Envy: Hindrance to Innovation

Envy can hinder success in Affiliate Marketing by focusing on unique selling propositions and customer avatars. Focusing on unique selling propositions and avoiding constant comparison can foster innovation and creative strategies, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and successful affiliate program.

3. Pride: Arrogance and Disregard

Pride can lead to dismissive attitudes towards partners, so it’s crucial to provide partners with choices and avoid assuming superiority. Be courteous, humble, and open in commercial discussions, valuing partners’ insights and fostering collaborative relationships.

Affiliate managers must educate stakeholders on affiliate value, request resources, and foster growth to overcome challenges in affiliate marketing, promoting strategic partnerships, innovation, and humility.