Paris-based startup Amo, created by 10 co-founders of Zenly, is releasing its third location-sharing app, similar to its predecessor. The app aims to create interconnected social apps.

Amo has launched ID, a social media profile creation tool, Capture, a camera app, Location, a location-sharing app, and Zenly Lite, all designed to enhance user experience and collaboration.

Location is a utility and social app that allows users to view maps with friends, send hearts, and ping them. It stands out from utility apps like Apple’s Find My due to its delightful features, such as zooming in and out.

Amo’s Location app offers useful features like calling, messaging, and accessing navigation apps. It also has a privacy screen for users to control location sharing. Despite clones of Zenly, there’s still interest in location-sharing, and Amo’s success will determine the network effects between the apps.