Chinese authorities may revise drafted online gaming rules, following a sell-off in major tech stocks following the announcement. The restrictions, published by Beijing’s media regulator, wiped tens of billions of dollars off tech giants’ values. The State Press and Publication Administration will study and revise the rules.

Beijing may alter draft rules limiting games’ ability to encourage daily logins and wallet top-ups. The regulations aim to limit in-game purchases, prevent obsessive gaming behavior, and ban “forbidden online game content” that threatens national unity, security, or reputation. The crackdown began in 2021.

China’s government may regulate adult gamers spending on video games, similar to youth gamers, according to a draft draft. The move would introduce pop-ups warning users of “irrational” playing behavior and require ID cards for online gaming. The industry could face negative consequences if future policies mirror these stringent measures. Tencent, the world’s largest gaming market, is the global leader.