Maria Elena Arevalo, an 81-year-old Chilean grandmother, becomes a merciless hunter in the online video game Free Fire, battling millions of players to survive on an imaginary island.

Ms. Arevalo, nicknamed “Mami Nena” by her grandson, Mr. Hector Carrasco, discovered gaming after her husband’s death, finding solace in virtual blood and overcoming loneliness.

Ms Arevalo, a “Heroic” player, has four million followers on TikTok and 650,000 on YouTube. She recently visited Mexico City as a Free Fire ambassador, her first-ever trip abroad, and shared her experiences on social media.

Mr. Carrasco admires his famous grandmother, while Ms. Arevalo no longer feels lonely after starting her Free Fire journey. A recent study found nearly half of Chile’s over 80s experience loneliness.

Older people, including Ukrainian team “Young Guard” and 93-year-old Japanese gamer Hamako Mori, are finding solace in gaming due to worsening scleroderma. Despite the challenges, Ms. Arevalo remains committed to her passion and continues to push herself.