A Japan Airlines plane burst into flames after collision with a smaller coastguard aircraft on the runaway at Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

A Japanese Airlines Flight 516 crashed into a blaze in Haneda, Japan, killing all 379 passengers and crew. The plane, which had departed from Sapporo, was engulfed in flames after landing. The captain was injured. The incident disrupted travel plans for thousands of passengers, and all four of Haneda’s runways were closed. The cause of the collision remains unclear, and an investigation is underway to determine how and at what time the two aircraft came into contact.

Japan Airlines flight crashes, causing minor injuries to 14 passengers and crew. Authorities aim to prevent impeded earthquake relief supplies deliveries. Flights grounded at Haneda airport.

Japan Airlines’ A350 aircraft crashed in Japan, marking the first major accident involving advanced materials. Airbus is sending specialists for investigation, praising the crew’s safety efforts.