Most tech startups are born form a few early engineers building the company’s initial product. As those first builders work together, they begin to establish a developer culture – sometimes deliberately, sometimes not.

At Web Summit in Lisbon, two founders emphasized the significance of fostering a unique developer culture within tech startups. Shensi Ding, CEO of Merge, emphasized the role of engineers in shaping product development and prioritizing tasks. CTO Gil Feig set a positive tone to empower the team.

Engineers can decide their capabilities from the start, depending on their time allocation. This is a key aspect of the developer culture, as emphasized by Ludmila Pontremolez, CTO and co-founder of Brazilian fintech startup Zippi. She aims to create a team-focused environment where everyone is responsible for their work, regardless of who wrote the code. This approach ensures that every mistake is rectified, not just the coder.