The fishing town of Wajima on Japan’s west coast is burnt and broken.

The town’s old marketplace is smoldering after a New Year’s Day earthquake, with homes and stalls splintered and unable to withstand Japan’s earthquakes. Firefighters continue to search for survivors.

The search team in Wajima, Japan, is struggling to locate survivors in collapsed homes due to a lack of information. Residents, including Keiko Kato, are hopeful for further assistance.

Wajima, Japan, has experienced a massive earthquake, with 73 confirmed deaths and over three dozen confirmed fatalities. The town is now a ghost town, with 90% of its houses collapsed. The scale of the destruction is unclear.

Over 30,000 people in shelters in Japan are facing food and aid shortages due to the ongoing earthquakes and road damage. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida plans to increase military and rescue personnel.

Japan’s resilience to earthquakes and tsunamis has improved, but recent tremors have shown they can surprise and devastate the country, leaving residents fearful of future disasters.