Benton County, Ark., (KNWA/KFTA) – The Benton County Sheriff’s Office is seing several investigations involving communication on the Roblox platform according to a post they made on facebook.

Zoe Warden, a 10-year-old girl, fell victim to a scam on a gaming platform where she was offered Robucks in exchange for her password. The incident raised concerns for Northwest Arkansas police. Warden’s mother, Lensa Odima-Warden, believes the experience was a good learning experience and emphasizes the importance of internet safety, screen time limits, and parental supervision while playing.

Parents in Northwest Arkansas are implementing parental controls to limit their children’s online gaming and screen time. They are educating their children not to share personal information, play games that are too scary or age-appropriate, and to be aware of the dangers of being online. Parents also encourage their children to be responsible online and to keep their personal information private. These measures aim to balance the safety and protection of children while ensuring their well-being.

Murphy emphasizes the importance of having discussions with children about internet dangers and cyberbullying, while also urging parents to educate them about the internet and the potential dangers of being enticed by adult online activities.