The digital marketing industry is expected to experience significant trends in 2024, with three key areas expected to be significantly impacted by these changes.

AI Takes The Next Step

In 2024, AI will drive change for marketers with next-generation generative AI, personalized AI assistants, and increased AI costs. Users can train AI to deliver content and perform tasks, while AI companies shift from beta to profitable businesses. Marketers must critically evaluate AI’s value proposition in all marketing operations.

Regulatory Changes Keep Coming

The continued evolution of AI is expected to lead to more laws and regulations impacting marketers. The FCC is set to vote on a new rule on lead generation opt-ins, while state-level data privacy laws are expected to increase. The future of AI regulation depends on its meaningful impact on the industry.

Marketing Platforms Will Evolve

Gmail and Yahoo have announced requirements for email marketers starting in February 2024, including one-click list-header unsubscribe options and faster opt-out processing. X Marks the Spot, formerly Twitter, may be in decline as brands seek privacy and traction. AdSense is also making changes to its publisher payment model.