An unidentified Bitcoin (BTC) user has sent 26.9 BTC, equivalent to $1.17 million, to the genesis wallet, the first-ever wallet created on the Bitcoin network by Satoshi Nakamoto.

A unique transaction occurred on January 5 at 1:52 am Eastern Time, sending funds from an emptied wallet to the genesis wallet with a $100 transaction fee. The funds originated from three wallets, with most from a wallet associated with Binance on Arkham Intelligence.

Nakamoto’s disappearance in 2010 left no funds in his associated wallets, including the genesis wallet, which initially held 50 Bitcoin. Users celebrated Bitcoin’s 14th birthday with rewards.

Nakamoto is Likely a Group

Recent research suggests Satoshi Nakamoto may be a collective entity, with evidence including the use of “we” and “I” in the Bitcoin white paper, linguistic analysis of Nakamoto’s writings, and different timestamps on his messages. Theories suggest he lived in the UK or California, with a review stating he likely resided in the EST time zone. Nakamoto’s proficiency in computer science, mathematics, English, game theory, and successful identity concealment suggest multiple individuals may be involved.