Logan Paul has begun the process of buying back NFTs from fans who lost money in his failed cryptocurrency game.

YouTube star Paul announced CryptoZoo in 2021, but it never materialized despite millions of fans spending on tokens. Paul plans to buy back tokens, but fans are unlikely to sue him. CryptoZoo was meant to be a game where players bought, sold, and bred virtual animals using cryptocurrency. Paul apologized after Coffeezilla’s investigation in December 2022.

CryptoZoo’s founder, Paul Paul, has announced a $2.3m buy-back process to refund players 0.1 Ether per NFT purchased, despite a 37% drop in monetary value since its launch.

CryptoZoo founder Paul Paul has been granted a refund of $40,000 on NFTs, despite investors not making any legal claims against him. The case highlights the risks associated with investing in an unregulated market and promotes discussions about additional regulations. Consumers may have rights in NFT purchases, but the cost and inconvenience may outweigh the amount received.