China has warned voters in Taiwan to make the "right choice", two days before presidential elections on the self-ruled island which Beijing claims.

China warns of potential tensions in Taiwan due to a potential win for ruling party candidate William Lai, citing US warnings against escalating tensions.

Taiwan's President Lai aims to maintain sovereignty if elected, but China's Taiwan Affairs office warns he would promote separatist activities. Lai's main opponent, Hou Yu-ih, calls him a danger to China's relations. Taiwan is a key tussle between China and the US.

Taiwanese people believe they are part of a separate nation, but China’s government claims it is a breakaway province that will eventually be part of the country. The election, which includes presidential and parliamentary elections, is crucial as China urges the US to stop commenting on the election.

US sends unofficial delegation to Taiwan after vote, rebuking Beijing for interference. Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Wu criticizes China for repeated interference in elections, urging China to hold its own.