Prominent voice actors say they weren’t told about a landmark deal setting out how voices generated by artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in games.

US actors’ union Sag-Aftra and AI firm Replica Studios have struck a deal ensuring “fully informed consent and fair compensation” for their members. The deal, negotiated by a committee with diverse experience in games, is criticized for being at odds with the purpose of a 2023 strike led by Sag-Aftra to fight for AI protections. Many voice actors have reacted furiously.

Voiceover performer community approves AI-based voiceover deal, ensuring fair compensation and informed consent. Steve Blum, once Guinness’s most prolific voice actor, claims no one approved the deal.

The agreement outlines terms for AI-generated voices in video games, requiring consent from actors and allowing voice actors to deny their voice being used without consent. Critics, including Andrew Russell, Shelby Young, Joshua Seth, and Paige Reisenfeld, have criticized the deal.

Replica Studios has signed an AI voice technology deal with AAA studios, demonstrating ethical AI practices and fair compensation for talent use.