One of Taiwan's last diplomatic allies has cut ties with the island in favor of Beijing, just days after a new president was voted in Taipei.

Taiwan, a small Micronesian island, has lost diplomatic ties with Taipei due to Beijing's recent actions. Taiwan claims this loss is related to the recent election results, which angered China. The election saw pro-sovereignty candidate William Lai chosen as president, a move Beijing sees as a challenge to the international order.

Taipei's deputy foreign minister, Tien Chung-kwang, accused China of exploiting political fluctuations in Nauru to buy over Taiwan with financial aid. He criticized China's methods and warned that democratic countries worldwide would not recognize Taiwan's democratic development. China welcomed Nauru's decision to resume diplomatic relations with China, stating that the one-China principle is the will of the people and current trends.

Nauru has cut ties with Taiwan, a country that considers itself distinct from the Chinese mainland. This is not the first time Nauru has made a diplomatic switch to China. Analysts believe that the likelihood of Nauru switching recognition from Taiwan to China has been on the cards for a while. China is always looking to erode Taiwan's influence, especially in the Pacific, where many small nations seek development gains.