Cellphone users have expressed awareness over mobile fraud amid the heightened digitalization, based on a study by Appdome, raising the need for app developers to incorporate safety measures.

The 2023 Global Consumer Expectations of Mobile App Security study revealed that 82.4% of consumers prefer a proactive approach to mobile security, with 56% stating that mobile brands and app developers are responsible.

67% of surveyed consumers would stop using mobile apps due to perceived lack of protection, with 85.6 percent stating security features against malware are equally or more important than new features.

Brand Loyalty

Mobile apps are crucial for brand loyalty and security, according to Appdome CEO Tom Tovar. Brands should collaborate with cybersecurity teams to ensure users’ peace of mind. Filipinos, particularly those using e-wallets, are increasingly reliant on mobile applications for daily tasks, with a study showing a higher usage rate than the global average.