Israel and Hamas have reached a deal to allow more humanitarian aid into war-ravaged Gaza, Qatari mediators say.

A deal brokered by Qatar and France will provide medicines to Hamas hostages in exchange for Israel allowing more basic supplies into Gaza. The US is hopeful that further talks could lead to the release of more hostages.

Qatar has agreed to provide aid to Israeli captives in Gaza, following a deal announced by the Qatari foreign ministry. The aid will be delivered to Egypt, then to Gaza for civilians, while medicines will be sent to Israeli captives. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed gratitude for the aid.

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, triggered by Hamas attacks, has killed over 24,000 people, primarily women and children. 85% of Gaza’s population has been displaced. The UN’s humanitarian chief has described the situation as “intolerable.” Israel faces international pressure to consider a ceasefire or pause, with the US stating the civilian death toll is too high.