Iran has admitted carrying out a missile and drone attack on western Pakistan on Tuesday.

Two children were killed and three injured in an attack in Balochistan by Iran’s militant group Jaish al-Adli. Pakistan’s government recalled its ambassador to Iran and blocked Tehran’s envoy from returning. The attack comes amid growing Middle East tensions, with Iran aiming to exact revenge on those responsible. China urges Pakistan and Iran to show restraint.

Iran has launched a strike in Pakistan, targeting Jaish al-Adl, an ethnic Baloch Sunni Muslim group. The attack follows Iran’s worst domestic attack since the Islamic Revolution, which killed 84 people. Pakistan has recalled its ambassador to Iran and halted the Iranian ambassador’s return to the country.

Pakistan and Iran have a cordial relationship, but both have accused each other of harboring militant groups. The Iranian strike hit Sabz Koh village, a sparsely populated area home to Baloch tribes. Security concerns persist, with Baloch separatist groups continuing an insurgent movement against Pakistan. The diplomatic crisis is expected to calm down.