Minmini, a global Tamil fraternity, has been launched with great pride and excitement by Executive Vice President S Shriram.

A mobile application that aims at bringing the global Tamil diaspora closer and would also serve as a digital platform for content creators was launched here on 

Monday. The Minmini application would offer instant chatting facilities across geographies and news, among others. Tamilians across the globe can congregate

 to feel a sense of camaraderie and togetherness. The application would be a digital platform for content creators, citizen journalists, and verified reporters, along

 with multi-channel networks handpicked by a team, a press release said on Monday. “We are immensely proud and excited to launch Minmini, focused 

exclusively on the global Tamil fraternity,” said Minmini Executive Vice President S. Shriram.

“We are quite sure that our users will enjoy the unique interface of the application and the various interesting features that we offer, among a host of other 

revenue opportunities for creators,” he said. The application can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.