The death toll from a landslide in China’s Yunnan province has risen to 20, while 24 people remaining missing.

A landslide in Zhaotong, China, has trapped dozens of people, with rescuers working through sub-zero temperatures to find those missing. The collapsed mass, measuring around 100m in width and 60m in height, has led to over 500 evacuations and nearly 1,000 rescue workers.

A landslide in southwest China has left at least 18 people dead, according to a resident. The landslide occurred while many people were still asleep on Monday morning. The landslide was loud and felt like a big earthquake. Rescuers were seen walking on rubble against snow-covered mountains, with personal belongings scattered among the collapsed masonry. The remote region is prone to landslides, and a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Wushi county in Xinjiang on Tuesday. No casualties have been reported, but some homes have been damaged.