The next stage of TikTok is coming, with some users now seeing the option t upload 30-minute-long videos in the app.

TikTok’s Testing 30 Minute Uploads as it Looks to Expand its Content Options

TikTok is testing a 30-minute upload option in its beta version, a trend that has been ongoing since its inception in October 2021. The platform has gradually increased its maximum post limit, starting with 15 seconds per clip.

TikTok is considering expanding its upload limit to 30 minutes per clip, similar to Douyin, which expanded it in 2022. Users may be receptive to longer TV show length clips, and if TikTok has the infrastructure to support this, it could enable longer uploads and increase creator capacity.

TikTok is exploring the possibility of monetizing 30-minute videos through pre-and mid-roll ads, aiming to provide a more effective revenue sharing solution for creators. This could help address the challenge of attribution and align creators with the app. The move could potentially expand revenue sharing for creators, making TikTok a more significant destination for entertainment.