Take This, a nonprofit promoting mental health in the gaming community, celebrates its 10th anniversary, focusing on support, community, and mental wellness, and investigating racism and sexism.

Building Stronger Communities

Take This is a nonprofit aiming to create a welcoming gaming community that supports gamers with mental health challenges, focusing on anti-toxicity measures and enhancing the gaming experience, particularly in online and game-adjacent spaces.

Combating Crunch

Take This, a nonprofit, aims to raise mental health awareness and resources in the gaming community. They created PAX rooms to provide an escape from the intense gaming floor and address creator burnout. Iron Galaxy Studios, an independent video game studio, has partnered with Take This to address the issue of crunch, a common issue in the industry, by providing mental health resources and flexibility.

Combating Extremist Ideologies in Video Games

A recent study by Rachel Kowert from Take This explores the potential negative effects of gaming on users’ psyche. It suggests that gaming can promote well-being, stress relief, cognitive abilities, and a sense of belonging. However, it also suggests that gamers may be more prone to extreme behaviors, including racism and sexism.

Take This, a gaming community organization, has been granted a substantial grant by the Department of Homeland Security to combat radicalization in gaming communities. The organization aims to create an open, inclusive gaming environment, promoting mental health and inclusivity.