Neuralink is a company founded by Elon Musks with the goal of developing brain-machine interface (BMI) technologies.

Neuralink aims to create devices that can be implanted into the human brain to enable direct communication between the brain and external devices, such as computers or prosthetic limbs.

The wireless brain chip implant is likely reference to one of Neuralink’s projects. The idea is to implant a small device, often referred to as a “neural implant ” or “brain chip” into the brain to facilitate bidirectional communication between the brain and external devices. This could potentially enable a variety of applications, including treating neurological conditions, restoring sensory or motor functions, and even enhancing cognitive abilities.

Existing devices have also generated results. In two separate recent US scientific studies, implants were used to monitor brain activity when a person tried to speak, which could then be decoded to help them communicate.