A report from Special Counsel Robert Hur has raised serious questions about Joe Biden’s memory, provoking a strong reaction from US president.

Biden is unlikely to face prosecution for retaining classified documents, according to former Trump administration official, Hur. Biden denied improper storage and claimed his memory is fine.

Major questions raised about the president’s memory

A report has revealed that Joe Biden’s memory and mental agility have been significantly limited. The report describes Biden’s struggles to recall significant events from his time as vice-president to Barack Obama, as well as his difficulty in recalling key events that caused divisions in the early days of the Obama administration.

Biden thought Obama was making a major mistake with Afghanistan surge

Obama believed a US troop surge into Afghanistan was necessary for stability, while Biden, a historic figure, maintained classified documents to prove his opposition. Biden believed Obama’s 2009 troop surge was a mistake, similar to Vietnam, and wanted to prove his rightness about Afghanistan.

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