KMID/KPEJ analyzes local college statistics and community insights to understand the ongoing issue of racism in higher education within the African American community.

In October 2021, 2,717,000 African Americans enrolled in higher education in the US, accounting for 15.7% of all enrollments. They made up 17.2% of two-year college students and 16.7% of four-year students. Race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic issues persist, particularly in West Texas, where black students face a higher chance of success.

African American students at Odessa College and Midland College are underprepared for college, with a lack of resources and opportunities. To address this, efforts should focus on educating African American students for STEM careers and promoting summer opportunities and CTE programs. Parental involvement and integrating minority groups into higher education settings are also crucial. Graduation rates for African Americans range from 78.2%-95.8% in America, and celebrating differences and unity is essential.