‘Significant number’ of devices fixed – says CrowdStrike

'Significant number' of devices fixed - says CrowdStrike

Google Search Central recently updated its documentation to include support for labeling images that have been altered or extended using AI. Additionally, Google has officially moved the “AI generated” label out of Beta status, signaling its full support in search functionality.

Apple unplugs self-driving electric car project


Apple’s decision to unplug its self-driving electric car project marks a significant moment in the intersection of technology and automotive industries. The project, known internally as “Project Titan” was once shrouded in secrecy and speculation, with rumors swirling about Apple’s ambitions to revolutionize transportation with its own electric vehicle (EV). While apple may be stepping […]

The bank’s pre-tax profits soar, fueled by high interest rates.


The surge in a bank’s pre-tax profits, fueled by high-interest rates, marks a pivotal moment in the financial landscape. In the intricate web of economic dynamics, interest rates play a central role in shaping a bank’s profitability. As the cost of borrowing rises and the yield on assets increases, HSBC find themselves at the nexus […]

The Surge of UK Chip Designer Arm: A Phenomenal Rise in Share Value


In recent times, the global technology landscape has witnessed a remarkable event as shares of the UK-based chip designer, Arm, nearly doubled. This unprecedented surge has captured the attention of investors and industry observers alike, sparking discussions about the factors contributing to Arm’s extraordinary market performance. Arm, a renowned semiconductor and software design company, plays […]

BP profits plunge as oil prices ease


Energy giant BP has reported a sharp drop in profits after oil prices fell last year. BP’s 2023 profits fell to $13.8bn, down from a record $27.7bn, due to increased oil and gas prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite falling household energy bills since 2022, they remain high. The fall in profits mirrors rival […]

China’s Xi tightens stock market rules after sell-off


China has tightened its financial industry rules as the government tries to halt a deepening sell-off in the world’s second largest economy. Chinese and Hong Kong stocks have lost nearly $6tn since their peak three years ago, with the China Securities Regulatory Commission implementing new rules to create a fairer market order. The new rules […]

S&P 500 surges to record high marking market rebound


Shares in the US rose to record highs on Friday, fueled by tech stocks and rising hopes about the economy. The S&P 500 index rose 1.2% to 4,839.8, surpassing its January 2022 record, marking a recovery from a two-year slump due to inflation concerns. The Dow Jones Industrial Average also reached its record, driven by […]