Understanding SNS Marketing: Techniques and Best Practices

Understanding SNS Marketing

These days, with the widespread use of the Internet and smartphones, searching for anything you want is easy. Consumer needs have become more varied since people can now find things that match their preferences quickly. The one-size-fits-all approach is becoming outdated. In this vlog, we will explore the role and necessity of SNS marketing and […]

Meta Abandons Legal Case over Data Scraping


Meta’s decision to drop its legal case underscores the challenges faced by tech giants in protecting their proprietary data and content online. Data scraping, the practice of extracting information from websites for various purposes, has become increasingly common in the digital age. While some companies view data scraping as a threat to their intellectual property […]

Navigating Power Shortages: The Impact on Social Networks


In an increasingly interconnected world, social networks have become integral to our daily lives, shaping how we communicate, connect, and collaborate. However, the reliance on digital infrastructure leaves us vulnerable to disruptions, such as power shortages. Addressing the impact of power shortages on social networks requires a multi-faceted approach, involving technological, infrastructural, and policy interventions. […]

The Influence of Social Networks on Financial Markets


Social networks have become a pervasive force in our interconencted world, and their impact on financial markets is undeniable. These platforms shape the way information is disseminated, influence investor behavior, and even play a role in algorithmic trading. One key aspect is the rapid dissemination of information. Social media platforms serve as real-time news hubs, […]

Bluesky social network opens for anyone to sign up


In a groundbreaking move, Bluesky, the innovative social network, has opened its doors to the world, allowing anyone to sign up and join the platform. This shift marks a departure form the exlusivity often associated with social media, embracing a more inclusive approach that invites users from all walks of life to connect and share […]

TikTok Explores New Streaming Studios in LA to Facilitate its Live Shopping Push

Douyin’s biggest revenue driver is shopping live-stream sales, with various Chinese marketing agencies hosting live-stream studios for creators to film their broadcasts in a customized environment. Douyin, a platform for Douyin stars, is focusing on centralized hubs to pitch creators on products to sell. TikTok is creating custom products based on in-app trends and selling […]

TikTok’s testing 30-minute uploads as it looks to expand its content options.


The next stage of TikTok is coming, with some users now seeing the option t upload 30-minute-long videos in the app. TikTok is testing a 30-minute upload option in its beta version, a trend that has been ongoing since its inception in October 2021. The platform has gradually increased its maximum post limit, starting with […]